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Communicating the message.

I've always thrived taking on a new challenge. And I got a major one after being hired in September 2018 as Director of Communications in the new government of Ontario Premier Doug Ford.  

All the media and communication skills acquired from my many years in the deadline-driven news business served me well in taking on this senior role in the office of Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. 

With Ontario Premier Doug Ford in December 2018.

Minister Ernie Hardeman giving speech I wrote at the Rural Ontario Municipalities Association conference in Toronto

  • writing news releases

  • speeches

  • op-ed's

  • directing ministry staff

  • overseeing media relations

  • organizing media events

  • crafting social media, including videos

As a new government in a hurry to put in place its action plan for the province there was much to communicate. 

I was responsible for overseeing all communications for the Minister, including:

With Premier Ford at media event I organized near Woodstock in March 2019

Premier Ford and Minister Ernie Hardeman at media event I organized in March 2019


Premier Ford, Minister Ernie Hardeman and Ontario Federation of Agriculture President Keith Currie at photo op I helped organize for Ontario Agriculture Week in October 2018

With my TV news background, I brought innovative new approaches to communicating the Minister's message on social media, creating all-important video content for Twitter and Facebook. On top of my many other tasks I conceived, shot, edited and produced Minister Hardeman's online videos, several of which are here below:

VIDEO: Minister Hardeman promoting Fresh From the Farm program, with free breakfast giveaway at Toronto's Union Station.

VIDEO: Minister Hardeman promoting Foodland Ontario at downtown Toronto grocery store.

VIDEO: Minister Hardeman gives update after stakeholder roundtable in Brant County

VIDEO: Minister Hardeman gives update on changes to licensing requirements for farmers 

VIDEO: Minister Hardeman updates changes to two key agriculture initiatives 

VIDEO: Minister Hardeman gives update after meat processors roundtable 

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