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Going beyond the headlines.


In depth online programming is transforming how people get their entertainment and news, and how companies and organizations market their message. 

Future forward companies and organizations are harnessing the power of long form video storytelling to showcase their products and services and interact with audiences online.  

Need something more than a quick video or paper press release to grow interest or awareness? 


Consider an infomercial, company backgrounder,  corporate documentary, animated explainer or video news release to drive brand awareness and engage target audiences. 

When Sun News Network wanted a long form feature taking a look at Ontario’s wind power industry Surge Media produced the powerful 90 minute documentary “Down Wind”, which examined the issue from the personal, political and economic perspectives. 

At premiere of Down Wind documentary, June 2, 2014, with host Rebecca Thompson

Video still from Down Wind documentary

VIDEO: The full feature documentary Down Wind which examined Ontario's wind power industry and affected communities. 

Down Wind premiered at Toronto's Rainbow Cinema on June 2, 2014, then aired on national television

Full page Toronto Sun piece on Down Wind film



Surge Media also produced several current affairs-style TV specials for that network on ISIS, the war in Ukraine and the Ebola crisis. After airing on Sun News these shows continue to attract interest and viewers online here at home, and around the world.

VIDEO: The current affairs TV special ISIS Rising: Dawn of a New Terror which aired across Canada in October 2014. 

VIDEO: The current affairs TV special Putin's War: Battle for Ukraine which aired across Canada in September 2014.

Go long, go big with online video programming by Surge Media.

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