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Whether long form features or short corporate videos, thought provoking original digital content gets noticed, gets shared and gets results. Surge Media can do it all for you. 


Video content is exploding online, and consumption in Canada is huge. More than ninety per cent of Canadians now watch online videos. That works out to - on average - 32 hours of online videos a month that Canadians are watching on their desktop computers, mobile devices, tablets and laptops. 

And its not just news or entertainment, online video is a powerful marketing tool for business. 


More and more Canadian companies and organizations are using online videos to get their message out, to showcase their products and services and leave a powerful impression. 

Does your website need something more than simply words and pictures to get noticed? 

Millions of Canadians saw my video work during coverage of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, Canada. As features producer for the Olympic broadcast consortium I crafted dozens of athlete feature profiles. 

Make your message come alive, drive brand awareness and engage target audiences with innovative and informative video storytelling from Surge Media. 



VIDEO: One of the two dozen official Olympic "snapshots" I wrote and produced, This one is on Canadian skeleton althete Mellisa Hollingsworth. More examples are in videos section. 

These included short snapshot pieces and longer feature stories. One was the Power of Community series (sponsored by Maxwell House) which focused on how athletes home communities inspired their rise to Olympic greatness.

VIDEO:One of the Power of Community features I wrote and produced. This one is about Chandra Crawford and her hometown of Canmore, Alberta. Click to watch. More videos in video section.

I also worked with Olympic Ptrime Time Host Brian Williams in writing and producing the “Road to Vancouver” video features  which aired on CTV National News leading up to the games. 

VIDEO: One of the "Road to Vancouver" series I wrote and produced for Olympic Prime Time Host Brian Williams which aired on CTV National News. This one is on Canadian Olympian Clara Hughes


I was also was a producer on site in Vancouver helping shape coverage of the 2010 winter Olympics. 

Producer at the 2010 Vancouver Olympic games

Photo I took of CTV Olympic Prime Time Host Brian Williams on set, during a commerial break. 


With Olympic Morning host Beverly Thompson 

One of the Olympic Broadcast Consortium control rooms


Proven results. Go with a broadcast pro to deliver powerful, premium video marketing solutions designed for your brand.  

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